3970 kHz       Every Day   11:30 PT

7284 kHz    Every Day   9:30 PT

The Noontime Net is a public service Amateur Radio Net that meets everyday on 7284 kHz. and 3970 kHz. with an alternate frequency of 7265 kHz for both nets.  All Amateur Radio Operators with General Class licenses or higher, are encouraged to check in.

Lynn Apperson         KV7L             Chairman                 (40 Meters)     Board Member

Wayne Jack             KK7TT                                           (40 Meters)      Board Member

Klaus Neubert         AC7MG                                          (40 Meters)

Jere Felten              W7TVA                                          (75 Meters)

Chad Rockenfield    N2ATZ                                          (75 Meters)

Dar Walker              W6IO       Statistician & Coordinator                       Board Member

Jon Dallons             KB6TAZ          Webmaster                                      Board Member

Looking forward to hearing you on the net!

The Noontime Net